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You don’t need to miss out on any of your favorite shows and live broadcasts anymore. This app is bringing the best android TV watching experience to all of you. Now take your TV screen with you wherever you go. It’s free!
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You don’t need to miss out on any of your favorite shows and live broadcasts anymore. This app is bringing the best android TV watching experience to all of you. Now take your TV screen with you wherever you go. It’s free!


V5.0 (movies and series)


Hollywood and Bollywood lovers need not wait for anything anymore. All your favorite movies and films from all times are present here. We bring to you the joy of watching English and Asian movies all in one place. This app works best for android devices. In today’s world, people don’t have much time in their busy schedules to have fun with friends or sit with their families. In addition, this app is the solution for bored brains. Working all time can drain out all the energy from the mind and body. This app helps revitalize your soul and recharge you.

Another most important feature of the app is that you pay no money whatsoever. The app is free for download and there are no in-app purchases. This app has a huge collection of entertainment sources for all ages. Moreover, the servers in this app are high speed and unlike any other in performance. The no-ads option has made this app you’re most favorite. No need to wait for buffering and bug removal. This app is giving high operational value to its viewers.


The main theme of the app is that entertainment must be for all. For this reason, the developers have added details like movies and films from all Asian languages plus all English new and old classics. TV shows and various series are a part of this app as well. In addition, all genres are put into specific categories and each of them is put in a very aligned and well-managed collection. In this application new entries are made all the time.

If you are looking for a movie that you can enjoy without any interruption, then this is the best app in the market. All seasons and series of many shows are also a part of the app. Most apps cost a good fortune on the films you like. This app is providing all the fun stuff for free. This app is also best for old age people who don’t like loud and blunt and look for old classics.

A word about this APK

This is one app that goes with all android IOS 4.4+. If you want to view this app content on a smart TV just download and start the unlimited fun. You can stream endless movies and other motion pictures here for free. This app is the new name of joy and entertainment. Furthermore, you no longer need to go somewhere or buy your favorite movies online. This app is one solution to all your free time problems.

Choose between music, horror, comedy, sci-fi, drama, or keep all of these together. This app is not going to let you get bored. With high-end resolution and subtitles available for most movies, this app is your new friend. Sharing a TV screen is much harder than sharing your glass of soda. Don’t let others spoil your fun and take your TV with you wherever you go.


Hollywood and Bollywood Entertainment

This app brings movies from multiple languages to your android devices. The movies are not only the latest but also an all-time favorite. Moreover, you can also make a demand for the film you want to see and the app will consider your selection.

Movies and Series Collection

This is not just an app. It’s a cinema on your smartphone. Don’t miss out on the series of any movie on other apps. We bring to you all movies of the same series. Similarly, all seasons and multiple episodes of the dramas you follow are also free to watch.

Multiple Servers Available

The motion picture you desire to watch might not be up to the mark or might take longer than usual. This is because that particular server is not working properly. But this is not a big issue; all you need to do is switch to another streaming server and watch the fun stuff without any problem.

High-Quality Display /Less Advertisement

We make sure that all the motion pictures available on this app are high in display quality. The picture display is so different from other apps it makes you feel like you are sitting in the cinema hall. In addition, you can maximize your display screen size and get lost in a world full of entertainment.

Dubbed Content is Also Available

If you don’t know a certain language but want to watch the movie dubbing in your tongue language is also a choice. Simply choose the film you want to watch in the translated language. Also, share the content with your friends

Download it now

This is the most interesting part of the article. We are now going to discuss the process of downloading our favorite app.

First, you need to establish a stable internet connection

In the second step click on the download button on this page

Thirdly click on the downloaded file and wait for it to install

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

1. How much space does the app need? 

The app needs up to 16MB of space in your android device without updates.

2. Can we save it to watch later?

Yes, download or add to your wish list. Also, save your desired video or multiple movies to watch later or offline

Conclusive text

In the end, you must know that this app is like a relief from the stressful routine of your life. This app is just so powerful that it brings all solutions to your entertainment needs. With no ads in the app, you can look into a world full of fun. The app has original audio and the best video quality. So watch or download your favorite movies online as well as offline anytime anywhere. Don’t waste your money on buying what you like to watch when you have it all for free.

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