Pixel Gun 3D [16.8.0] APK MOD (Unlimited Bullets) free for Android

Latest Version16.8.0
MOD InfoUnlimited Bullets: Play carefully, to avoid a ban! There is a big chance the ban
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Update July 14th, 2020
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Download Free Pixel Gun 3D: FPS Shooter & Battle Royale APK MOD (Unlimited Bullets) for Android on APKMod1.com

Are you ready to join the shooting player? Welcome to Pixel Gun 3D game for Android Mobile. This is an action game and it’s by Pixel Gun 3D. At now, this game has multiplayer on around the world. Let’s discovery this game with APKMod1.com.

The game allows its players to experiences endless fun from frenzy shooting battles and all kinds of impressive weapons. Find out all about it with our review.
Don’t forget to enjoy this game with Mod APK Unlimited Bullets free on APKMod1.com

Introduce this game

Following the journey of the main character in the game, you must use your gamer skills to shoot down your enemies. No auto aim or auto shoot, everything requires heavy calculation as well as quick thinking to get you closer to your goal.

Aside from the single-player campaign, the game also comes with different game modes for both offline and online gameplay. Join other actual players in exciting game modes like Pixel man, Capture the Flag, Battle Royale, online team battles, or intensive solo matches.

Pixel Gun 3D [16.8.0] APK MOD (Unlimited Bullets) free for Android 1

Game Features

Here are some of its awesome features that you would find interesting:

Protect your build Clan Fortress

An awesome feature in Pixel Gun 3D is that people can form up their own clans and battle others. Using your combined strength to protect your Clan Fortress from the invaders and loot other’s forts for valuable prizes.

In addition, you’ll gain access to the Clan Chests which provide items to power up your forts.

Offline modes: zombie apocalypse without wi-fi & internet;

And if you’re bored of the playing through the same stages in the campaign mode, you can try experiencing the endless chaotic of the Zombie apocalypse. Give out everything you’ve got in your arsenal to blast off the incoming enemies. It’s your choice, your life or their life. Find out how long you can survive the attacks of swamps of zombies.

Pixel Gun 3D [16.8.0] APK MOD (Unlimited Bullets) free for Android 2

Up to 11 different game modes: Deathmatch, Arena, Co-op Survival, Campaign and many more

There are so many things to discover in Pixel Gun 3D. That being said, you’ll have access to over 11 different game modes, including Death Match, Arena, Survival, Co-op Survival, Campaign, and many more. There is always enough fun and excitement for you to enjoy.

Explore huge maps

The game would take you through different adventures in different regions. 30+ maps: Nuclear City, Sniper Forts, Space Arena, Nite Christmas Town and lot of other cool locations. You’ll have to come up with different tactics for each map to ensure your victory.

Collection 200+ weapons

200+ weapons: use reliable machine guns and modern sniper rifles, try out Combat Yo-Yo in a Knife Party or choose the most powerful Heavy section with Destruction System and other;

And to deal with swamps of monsters coming at you or win against your opponents in a dual match, its best to equip yourself with powerful weapons. And in Pixel Gun 3D, players will have dozens of different weapons to place in their arsenals. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages so make sure you use them cleverly to gain the upper hand.

Pixel Gun 3D [16.8.0] APK MOD (Unlimited Bullets) free for Android 3

Some features difference

  • 40+ gadgets: demon stone, energy shield, robot samurai, jetpack, etc.;

  • 180+ creative skins: zombie, slender, pirate, sniper, skeleton, even a pretty nurse;

  • 50+ pets: Alien Cat, Robo Dog, Unicorn, T-Rex, etc.

–  Crafting: modify your lobby and get your weapons and armor more powerful, and besides, you can craft cool stuff in the Armory

–  Friends System: put together your strike team with friends, you can play any online mode;

  • Sandbox: socialize with other players and chat in clans and battles;

  • Upgradable Battle Pass with challenges and rewards;

  • Blogger events and holiday updates.

Free all to download and play

The game is currently free to play for any Android gamers to experience. Just access Google Play Store and get the game on your devices. Embark your journeys in the endless adventures of Pixel Gun 3D: FPS Shooter & Battle Royale. Don’t forget to enjoy this game with Mod Unlimited Bullets on APKMod1.com

Download Pixel Gun 3D [16.8.0] APK MOD (Unlimited Bullets) free for Android

Download (80M)

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