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Call of duty mod APK is a modified version of the official game, which comes with unlimited features. Now, you can play the game to the next level and can beat your enemies easily.
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Call of duty Mod APK is a first-person action shooting game developed by Timi Studio Group and published by Activision Publishing. It is available for both android and IOS devices.

The game has more than 200 million installs on Playstore. The storyline is based on World War II but there are many improvements. COD mobile game is very popular among all action games.

Call of Duty Mobile supports multiplayer and battle royale modes. This is an online game like PUBG and Fortnite that allows you to fight against different people from all over the world. In addition, you can also create a private room in the game to fight against your friends.

The game comes with ranked and non-ranked matches in multiplayer mode. Now, you can play the game to push your rank or earn credits. There are two types of currencies in COD, most common currency is “credits” that you can earn by playing and winning battles in the game.

Here you can download Call of Duty Mod APK, which comes with unlimited credits, COD Points, Aimbot, and all features of the game.

Now, you can enjoy the full game without spending a single penny. To download the COD Mobile mod click on the download button given below. For gun lovers, the Six-Guns is the ultimate.

Features Of Call Of Duty Mod APK

Call of duty mod APK is a modified version of the official game, which comes with unlimited features. Now, you can play the game to the next level and can beat your enemies easily.

Call of Duty Mod APK

Moreover, you can also enjoy all major features of the game for free. You get unlimited COD points, money, credits, aimbot, rank hack, and much more. The major features of the modified game are discussed below.

#1. Unlimited Everything

There are two main currencies of the game those are COD points and credits.

You can earn credits by defeating your enemies and winning matches. Credits can be used to push your rank and upgrade your weapons.

In addition, you can also use credits to buy different skins and weapons in the game.

However, COD Points is the paid currency of the game also known as the currency of Call of Duty Mobile APK. In Dragon Ball, you can also get unlimited features at no cost.  

Call of Duty Mod APK Unlimited Everything

You can buy COD Points with real money in the game. It is used to purchase skins, weapons, and different locked items of the game.

But, now you do not need to worry about these things at all. Because this mod APK comes with unlimited credits and COD Points.

Now, you can use all of these unlimited points and credits for maximum purchasing. With the help of this feature, you can push your rank to the maximum level.

In addition, you can also get access to the features of the game for free with the COD mod APK. 

#2. Aimbot And Rank Push

Call of Duty Mobile is an online and multiplayer game but still, you can use aimbot, which is also known as a hack for COD mobile.

Aimbot is basically a feature of the COD mod APK. With the help of Aimbot, you can do more headshots and win matches easily.

Call of Duty Mod APK Aimbot and Rank Push

It makes your aim consistent and you can do direct headshots without any problem.

Moreover, this mod APK also offers you a rank push feature, which increases your rank up to 10x-30x more than the official game. Attack on your revivals by playing Swamp Attack.

#3. Anti Ban

Most of the mod does not support this feature. And your account gets banned if you are using any kind of mod. But, this mod APK comes with an anti-ban feature, which protects your account from the ban.

Now, you will never face any kind of ban issue while playing the game. You can enjoy the game just like the official one without any fear of a ban.

#4. No Root

Call of Duty mod APK comes with no root installation. Now, you do not need to root your android device to install and play the COD mobile mod APK. This is also one of the pro features of this mod APK.

#5. Supports Online Modes

This mod APK supports all types of modes of the game such as multiplayer mode and battle royale mode.

With the help of this feature, you can enjoy all modes of the game without any problems and lags.

#6. No Virus

Many mod apps contain viruses or malicious code but this mod APK is 100% safe to use. It does not contain any kind of virus.

Now, you can enjoy the game with 100% safety and security.

How to Download Guide


1. What is Warzone?

Call of Duty introduces Warzone, a massive multiplayer combat arena with no subscription required across all platforms.

 The game features two new modes – a Battle Royale mode and Plunder, a frenetic new way to compete for cold hard Cash – giving you the opportunity to battle up to 150 players on the battlefield.

Battle your way to the top by placing armor, looting rewards, and looting.

2. How do I play Warzone?

The game is accessed by selecting ‘Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War’ on your platform, then ‘Warzone’ on the menu.

3. Is Warzone playable in Black Ops Cold War?

Yes, The cross-launch will begin after you select the Warzone game from within Black Ops Cold War. The Warzone menu will open automatically.

4. Is Warzone compatible with Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare if they are installed on my computer?

No, If players do not need the data packs, they can uninstall them from the games for a smaller file size overall.

Final Words

When you talk about action then when word comes to mind that is Call of Duty because this game has rule many years of the gaming industry.

Here is the latest and modded version of call of Duty so you can enjoy the all features of the game at no cost. For more action games visit Mario Kart Tour and

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